Impossible Shoota has hit 21k downloads!

The game has been a great hit for me. I have around 1000 – 14000 downloads a day! This is also a free game that will be ad supported in a few days once 1.4 update passes. Hopefully this will be a  successful business model for me because it benefits me and everyone out there looking for a quality game for free. My 2 other paid games are not going as well, but I have plans to make them free and ad supported as well. If you guys are thinking about this business model Microsoft has released an update to their ad engine which now supports XNA, which I am using for Impossible Shoota for update 1.4

8 thoughts on “Impossible Shoota has hit 21k downloads!”

  1. I love this game,my friends always ask for my phone to play it. Wp7 is coming to Verizon and sprint, so I can see this easily hitting a million downloads by the end of 2011

  2. Hey !
    I’m currently making a game for Windows Phone and I’ve got questions about making an ad-supported game (I didn’t know we could !).
    Questions like :
    – How does it work ?
    – Which one are you using ?
    – How to implement it with XNA ?

    Thanks for all your great games (and making them free ^^), and if you could make a post to answer my questions or just respond here, you’ll make my day 😉

    Keep up the good work,

    1. Hi Julien,

      I used the Microsoft Advertising SDK for XNA, which you can download from here . It’s pretty straightforward process and should take you only a few hours to implement in your game. There is more than enough documentation in the sdk to get you started, as well as tech support from the advertising forums.


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