Scribble Defense+ and Zombidemix+ are now available on the WP7 Marketplace

After the immense success of my free game Impossible Shoota, I decided to give away my two other games Scribble Defense+ and Zombidemix+ for free. I would have done a update to give it away for free but the Marketplace prevents developers from switching their paid apps to free apps. They can go from free apps to paid apps without a problem but not the other way around.

I added the + symbol on the names of the game to symbolize it being a added bonus to all WP7 users out there. I will then shortly decommission the paid versions of the game to alleviate any confusion. I apologize and thank those who have purchased the paid versions of the game because I have been experimenting on how to best keep doing what I am doing and make my games even more accessible to everyone out there. I want a win-win situation for me and everyone else.

I hope you guys enjoy the games that I have made, for I have enjoyed making them myself :)

Thank you!

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