A Million Downloads!

from zero to a million

1 million is such a magic number! A little more than a year ago I was very unsure how Windows phone would go especially with iPhone and Android had a unshakable grip on the market. I had little idea how much 1 year can do to someone who bets big on a new kid on the block. But looks like my bet is starting to payoff and the odds are getting better everyday. Let’s see the breakdown of game downloads since I launched till January 14, 2012

App Downloads
Blackboard Gems 17,233
Quadra Pro 6
Nom Nom Worm 90,450
Microchip Rush 7,639
Impossible Shoota 156,267
Fishing Girl 47,576
Quadra 101,669
Mafia Pizza Car 13,216
Air Dagger 46,916
Armored Drive 224,875
Traffic Cop 93,986
Steam Castle 79,137
Scribble Defense+ 82,829
Zombidemix+ 32,619
Scribble Defense 1,551
Zombidemix 1,404
Word Punk 5,286

As you can see the success of my games are very polar, not every game is a success and not every game is a failure. Also my revenue is dependent on user stickiness not number of downloads, but having a large download number ultimately helps that. My most profitable game represents a good mix of content and infinite replayability. Also if you can see the disparity between Zombidemix, Scribble Defense, and Quadra’s paid and free downloads. The free games have astronomically more downloads that the paid versions.

12 thoughts on “A Million Downloads!”

  1. Did your paid games have a trial?

    Either way, I think just having a price tag next to the icon makes people skip it, even if there is a trial.

  2. Awesome man, I hope you are staying strong being an indie. Hopefully this year will bring more success. I have to ask about your eCPM how does > $2 happen :) I mean I have a game out for 4 months – user retention is good I think.. haven’t seen your numbers on that.. but my game air soccer tour has 7300 daily sessions, 2500 daily active users, median session length 5 minutes and about 28000 daily impressions.. BUT 0.44 eCPM makes me just $13 a day. details here http://danglingneuron.wordpress.com/2012/01/23/air-soccer-tour-4-months-revenue-statistics/

    1. Wow those ecpms are waay low for the volume you are having you should double check your ad categories and ad units. make sure everything is good

      1. Your games are pure XNA right? and you are using MS XNA Ad control. Can you run a report on pub center and confirm that you get impressions and eCPM in Europe?

        80% of my user base is in europe. I ran pubcenter report that shows me impressions/eCPM/Revenue by country – and it shows me that eCPM is ZERO for all countries except USA ($1.2), Canada($0.8), UK ($0.7). And thats really crazy. Can you run a report to check if thats the same for you.. I guess not!
        I read somewhere that for the XNA Ad Control you have to change the thread culture to EN before you create the control since, there is an issue where ADs will be served only if thread culture is EN? Have you done anything like that?

        1. Yes I am pure XNA with MS XNA Ad Control. I only have ecpms for Spain, Mexico, Germany, France, UK, Canada, and US. Russia, Australia, India, Mexico and Spain have a few cents of revenue but 0 ecpm. So I am guessing the eCPM’s on those countries are super low that they are just rounded out.

          1. Are you getting over $1 eCPM for germany/france? if yes then I need to check my ad unit categories. I am assuming most of your user base is in US? Do you know anything about teh thread culture EN thing?

  3. Maybe you can help me. My game gets about 25,000 impressions a day but my eCPM is holding steady at 9 cents, regardless of what categories I select. I’ve contacted Microsoft Advertising support but all they’ll say is “eCPM fluctuates.” Any advice?

    1. How often are you refreshing your ads? eCPM is such a complex issue, it could be anywhere from CTR affecting it to what type of ads are available, and who your main market is. If most of your audience is abroad then your eCPMs will be considerably lower compared to US audiences.

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