2 million downloads!


It’s been a long road but I have officially hit 2 million downloads on Windows Phone across 15 games earlier this week. It’s a great feeling and accomplishment, but there is a lot more work to be done on other platforms and making it to be as successful there.


Hopefully I learned a lot from my successes and failures in the Windows Phone Marketplace and will be able to translate it to other platforms in the near future. But just as a word of advice to everyone out there, not because you are popular on 1 platform means that it will translate to the same success on other platforms. There are just too many different variables that come into play that determines the success of games.

I may not be pumping out as much games as I used to but fear not as I am still as passionate as ever, albeit a little bit busy because of cool stuff at work :)


7 thoughts on “2 million downloads!”

  1. Well done.

    Definitely think you were wrong to spread yourself to other platforms though. You had a name for yourself on WP but now face obscurity.

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