Fishing Girl

Fish over 25 different fish in the sea, take on bonus challenges, and put your name on the Famous Fishers board for all other Fishing Girls to see. Based on the game design challenge and artwork of Daniel Cook of, I have put my own spin on this popular game which is popular in its own right with Flash and Xbox versions already out there. I have designed this to be better suited for the player who is on the go. So what are you waiting for? Download the game, put the lure in the water and wait for that fish to bite!

34 thoughts on “Fishing Girl”

  1. Great fishing game. My 6 yr old loves it. I play it too. Do you know why our score was erased? It was AbsolutSake, and we were ranked 8 or 9 with 350000points.

    1. Hi Steve!

      Sorry for the late reply, I’m currently investigating some issues with score corruption :( I appreciate your comment, it means a lot to me :) I’ll hopefully have a update soon

  2. Really great game! Very relaxing :)
    One issue though: you should really dither some of your graphics. Especially on the sky, the gradient banding is very visible. A gaussian noice filter with 2% should do this.
    Best wishes,

    1. Yeah, that banding is bad, I can do a code fix, but that will come out next time I update Fishing Girl :) Thanks for the tip tho!

  3. I enjoy playing this on WP7. After the latest update it no longer tracks my score. Every time I start the game all my stats are back to zero. Known issue?

  4. Is there a way of casting you line further then 170? I dont seem to be getting deep enough for the sharks. Thnx!

  5. On fishing girl I am just starting out. I need more directions on how to play. Is there a tutorial? I would really like to play this game. Thanks for your help.

  6. It says that better rods will cast the line longer. However, I cannot seem to get beyond 107 metres, which was also the (my) max before the big update.

  7. Suggestions:

    1. More fish
    2. Perhaps a scrapbook/compendium which highlights all the types of fish, you’ve caught (and the ones you haven’t caught shown in grey). You could add hundreds of new fish by just changing colours/patterns and make some of them appear very rarely. It would make a fun addition searching for all the rare fishies.

  8. Just wondering… I upgraded to the highest fishing rod and line, but my fishing line keeps breaking. Even with the little fish. I’ve wasted so many lures on this now, and when I catch a big fish, it doesn’t even get close to the top.

    1. Many people have caught the shark (even pre-store upgrade), even with the thickest line you still need to finesse your way to get the shark.

  9. Hey there I absolutely love your games and I play them all on a regular basis just wondering if you got some tips on how to cast the line farther on fishing girl. I can’t seem to get past 107 meters :( I’ve got the rod upgraded to max already :)

  10. Couple of issues and questions with the upgrade:

    1: I’ve gotten the rod upgrade and it is not casting any further than before, and I don’t believe it to be a timing issue, especially since I have also upgraded my line (one by one) and see no difference in hook time, and no difference in the lures attracting the fish. I believe these just don’t work.

    2: The bonus challenge is stuck on catch 5 small fish. I also have to completely exit the game and re-enter the game to get a new challenge, which is catch 5 small fish. Before the upgrade I only had to go to the main menu and restart fishing from there, not completely exit the game.

    3: My question is, what exactly is the bomb for?


  11. what the heck is the “bomb lure” supposed to do? Everytime I use it,I don’t get it…it just blows up my catch instead of…well,that’s just it….what DOES it do?? :-S

  12. hey dude, this is a bloody fantastic game, just found it yesterday and am loving it, ive played a few fishing sims on windows phone and android and this one is by far the most fun

    having said that i have a few small suggestions that shouldnt be too hard to implement and might make the game a bit more enjoyable
    the first is something youve probably recieved many comments about, the upgraded rods and lines dont seem to do anything, went from the first rod to the most expensive and still can only cast 107m max
    next suggestion involves the lures, could you find a way to make the more expensive lures ‘heavier’ so theyll sink faster? also i like the explosive lures, im assuming the purpose of it is to clear some fish outta the way so players will have a better shot at getting to the shark at the bottom. only issue is it blows one fish at a time, any way to make the explosion bigger and take out a few fish at once?

  13. Great game but what are tha lures for and my biggest problem is- how do cast out further than 107? (I have everything maxed out too)

  14. Are you ever going to fix this game? Or have you forgotten that it even exists? Im the same Heather that wrote a comment on Oct 28, 9 months ago. I loved this game until your “upgrades” that didn’t do anything came along. Im the radtech in the 8th place of top fishers, even though I have not played in 9 months because you haven’t fixed this game, so no one is playing it anymore. This was and still could be a great game if you would fix your lure and line upgrades to make them do what they are supposed to do. Or even get rid of them and go back to the way it was when you at least got a variety of different daily bonus tasks.


  15. hey! I absolutely love this game its my favourite game in the whole entire world :) xxxxxxxxx <3 also im really good at fishing now thanks to this and I think im ready to hit the ponds in the summer with my big brother (who's also my father :)

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