Steam Castle

Steam Castle is the last fortress of hope for Humanity. After fighting a cruel and losing war against the Mechanitrons, the army of Steam Disciples have fallen back to Steam Castle. The Mechanitrons are not holding back and is sending their whole fleet of mechanical air balloons and air drills. Use advanced steam compression technology to fend off as many Mechanitrons as possible before the fortress falls. This is Humanity’s last stand, make it count.

  • Intercept enemies, missiles, and supplies using the Steam Shot Cannon. It has unlimited ammo hindered only by the amount of steam pressure the castle can hold at a time
  • Use the powerful Vortex and Scatter Shots to decimate the enemies or save Steam Castle in a pinch
  • Upload your score and compete against other players for the Steam Castle that did the most damage

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7 thoughts on “Steam Castle”

  1. I was wondering why this game requires access to our phone identity and owner identity? My reason for asking is that I was about to download and install the trial version then noticed that it wanted information that can’t possibly be related to playing the game, so I refrained from commencing the download.

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