Traffic Cop

Traffic Cops don’t have to put their lives at risk by being on the road to direct traffic. With the magic of Traffic Eliminator 3000 (TM)  cops can now control the throttle and brake of cars across intersections. This allows for fast moving traffic without the stress and hassle of stop lights. This is the perfect traffic control system of the future!

  • Use your finger to tap and flick cars to control their speed and braking
  • Watch out for police and military vehicles as they cannot be controlled by the Traffic Eliminator 3000(TM)
  • The faster the flow of traffic the more Cop points you get
  • Post your scores online to compare against other Traffic Cops

8 Responses to Traffic Cop

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  4. Daniel says:

    Why does “This app make use of [my] phone’s” data owner identity and phone identity?

  5. andy says:

    You should make the streets and cars bigger and wider because they are too small to really have control of my thumb can hit like three cars at the same time please put this into consideration for a further update

  6. emy claud says:

    try to make some captions on it, while the commuters hit the cops vehicle he shout ” pull over” i think that’s better :-)

  7. It would be better if this Traffic Eliminator could control police and military vehicles as well since some of these peeps are the ones breaking the rules on speed regulation. Just saying. :)

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